Truly scrumptious chocolate truffle cake

This is a cake for true chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate sponge filled with a truffle sauce and milk chocolate ganache.

Posh Jam and buttercream, White chocolate and rasbperry coulis

A favourite flavour, delicious vanilla sponge using vanilla extract, filled with rasbperry coulis and white chocolate ganache.

White chocolate coconut and blackcherry

Coconut sponges filled with a dark blackcherry jam and a white chocolate coconut ganache. If you like coconut you will love this!

Lemon layer cake

Our lemon layer cake is moist lemon sponges, made with unwaxed lemons filled with our homemade lemon curd and a lemon drizzle icing, a real sweet and sour hit!

Organic carrot cake

Our carrot cake is made with organic carrots, walnuts, pineapple, ground nutmeg and cloves. which makes a deliciously moist carrot cake, which is then filled with a mascopone buttercream.

Dark rich fruit cake

Our fruit, organic raisins, sultanas, currants, cherries and peel is soaked in two different sherries, fresh orange rind and juice. The fruit is left to soak up the liquids then it is lovingly cooked and left to mature for three months. After the fruit cake is cooked it is infused with the finest brandy.

Spice chocolate orange

Dark rich chocolate sponges filled with a spiced chocolate orange ganache and cointreau.

Ginger cake

This flavour has been very popular this year. A moist spiced ginger cake filled with lemon drizzle icing.

White chocolate with toffee sauce

Vanilla sponge made with vanilla extract filled with a toffee sauce and white chocolate ganache.

Jam and buttercream

Vanilla sponge made with vanilla extract filled with strawberry or raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream.